Create a Memory Dump from a Suspended Virtual Machine – VMware vSAN

10 Nov

If you have a VMware VSAN environment and you wanted to capture a memory dump of the Virtual Machine for debugging or want to provide memory.dmp to VMware GSS or R&D for further analysis go ahead and read further!

Use Case – In our scenario had a few VDI Desktops running Windows 10 1607 + Horizon 7.3.1 + App Volumes Writable Volumes 2.13.1 + UEM 9.2.1 that were getting into unresponsive state. As a last resort we wanted to capture the memory dump to find out more what is causing the VM to get unresponsive.

Step by Step Instructions:

Using the vCenter console select the Virtual Machine VM – Power – Suspend

This will create the *.vmss and *.vmem file for Debugging. (Note the *.vmem file is applicable for ESXi 6.0 onwards)
VM Directory

Make a note of the ESXi host Name/IP for the VM is in Suspend state

— SSH to the ESXi Host and browser to the VM Directory location:

# cd /vmfs/volumes/vsanDatastore/od-av-troub-1 (Where “od-av-troub-1” is the VM name)

— Now lets open the *.vmem file using “cat” command to retrieve the Object ID information. Make a note of the ObjectID

# cat od-av-trou-1-7622414e.vmem

Object ID

In my scenario the Object ID was properly pre-created I didn’t have to use the objtool to find out the Object opened. However, in some cases you might have to run the following command

Now using WINSCP login to the same ESXi Host and go the path:
Object ID – /vmfs/device/vsan/2c86055a-573b-d20a-5cdf-ecf4bbea1e48 (my scenario)
Or/else Object opened at path and download the file “2c86055a-573b-d20a-5cdf-ecf4bbea1e48” which is your ”*.vmem file and move the files to local or remote location that you are using the WINSCP tool.

Rename the Object ID to a friendly name shown in the VM Directory Folder. I renamed it (od-av-trou-1-7622414e.vmem)

For the *.vmss (od-av-trou-1-7622414e.vms) you can directly WINSCP to the ESXi Host and go to the location in the table and move the files to your local or remote location

Once you have both the files *.vmem and *.vmss you can use a VMware Vmss2core Fling and convert it to a dump. Please make sure you meet the requirements and use the appropriate switches to your environment

# vmss2core -W8 od-av-trou-1-7622414e.vmss od-av-trou-1-7622414e.vmem 

— The above command will generate a memory.dmp file which can used in WINDBG for further analysis. If you are sending the dump file to someone make sure use *.zip and compress it before sending.

I hope you will find these steps useful and save a lot of time during daunting unresponsive VM issues. A big thanks to Frank EscarosBuechsel to helping with the entire procedure.

Aresh Sarkari

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