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Poor man’s Samsung DEX HUB and VMware Horizon Advantage

22 Jun

I had been intrigued by the Samsung DeX mode post its launch but didn’t have the courage to buy the 125$ (Rs. 10,000/- INR) Samsung DeX Station. I was on a look-out for an alternate Hub which could do the DeX mode on my Galaxy S8+ for a lot less. After searching @ AliExpress I finally managed to find a hub called EASYA Thunderbolt 3 USB C to HDMI Adapter DeX Mode for Samsung Galaxy S8/S9 which had some good positive reviews and for 33$

The moment of truth was to plug-in the Galaxy S8+ and try the DeX mode. Attempt-1: Managed to plug the phone to the hub and HDMI monitor as the output. Next thing I noticed was the screen mirror got enabled and DeX Mode pop-up wouldn’t come or get detected.

Attempt-2: Additional to the above I plugged in the Power in the USB-C 3.1 PD Port and magically the pop-up appeared on the phone “Start DeX Mode

If you don’t have the wireless mouse plugged in the entire Galaxy S8+ screen acts like a mouse trackpad which can come-in handy.

EASYA Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C Hub To HDMI Adapter Dex Mode

Productivity with VMware Horizon:

The Horizon Client available on the Android Store has integration with DeX mode that enables you to use the Virtual Desktop in Full screen mode. I launch my Windows 10 Desktop and use it for an entire day. I was easily able to work on the following applications without any issues

  • Microsoft Outlook Client
  • Chrome and Firefox browser
  • Skype for Business (Audio/Chat Only) – Video was having issues
  • VMware Performance Tracker was showing the CPU and Network Bandwidth Usage graphs in real-time
  • There was no lag or any sign of slowness in any form
  • CPU Usage on the phone at an average of 4-6%

Known Observations:

  • The phone didn’t heat all day during its usage
  • The HUB was reasonably warm during the entire day usage
  • The limited DeX compatible Application works good in full-screen

More Picture on the Usage

DeX Mode and Horizon Client Launch
Horizon Client

DeX Mode and Full Screen – Windows 10 + Dell 24 inch Monitor
Full Screen - Windows 10 VDI

Hardware Setup – Logitech M140 Bluetooth Keyboard + Mouse

More Documentation on Samsung DeX + VMware Horizon

Using Horizon Client with Samsung DeX
Enable the DeX Mode Auto Launch Feature

I hope you find this HUB review and DeX mode usage with Horizon useful and will be able to use it as a daily driver. Let me know if you would like to know more in the comments section