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VMware Community Podcast #584 – Guest Speaker on Azure VMware Solution Deployment & Networking Guidance Mindmap

9 Dec

On Dec 8th 2021 I got the oppurtunity to come to the VMware Community Podcast as a guest speaker and talk about my previously written blog post – Mindmap – Azure VMware Solution – Guidance on Deployment and Networking | AskAresh. I am told my blog post was trending among VMware Social Media feeds 🙂

It was an honour to come and speak at the podcast with host Eric L Nielsen and co-host Matt Langguth. A treat to watch and speak live, and catch-up on the signature Eric’s introduction of “Across the nation or around the world” and the “color of the bay”. The entire overall experience on the podcast was outstanding and I hope to come back again soon. Following is the Audio/Video version on Youtube the podcast is available on leading platform such as Apple, Google, Spotify etc.

I hope you find our conversation useful and feel free to revert if you have further questions.