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SCVMM R2: You cannot contact the Virtual Machine Manager server. ID: 1605

3 Feb

I am logging onto the same machine where SCVMM is installed. I am part of the Local Administrators group when i open the VMM Admin Console i am receiving the following error. Although my account is not the same account using which the VMM was installed. However, my understanding is if i am local admin i can open the console because by default under VMM console under administration administrator group is added.

You cannot contact the Virtual Machine Manager server. The credentials provided have the insufficient privileges on localhost. Ensure that your account has the access to Virtual Machine Manager server localhost, and then try the operation again

ID: 1605


VMM services is running on “Local System”
VMM version is R2 and not beta.
VMM machine is part of the domain


Domain Administrator group would have the by default access to SCVMM Admin Console. Though, I was the local admin on the box I would be required to add explicitly onto the User Roles – Administrator membership (See the below mentioned screenshot). After adding the account here issue was resolved.


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