New Gadget Nokia Play 360 – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

27 Aug

I recently purchased the Nokia Play 360 wireless/wired (3.5mm jack) Bluetooth speaker which produces enough sound to fill one room.


Blue Color Rs. 8300/- from Nokia Concept Store in IndiraNagar, Bangalore, India

My Review:

Superb quality of sound especially on the low frequencies which is surprising for such a portable device. During my research phase, I saw a lot of videos which compared the Logitech BoomBox (Price Rs. 3900/-), Jambox (NA in India) and Bose SoundLink (Price Rs. 20,000/-). As we all know Bose is a different animal with different pricing all together. I did hear the demo of it at the Bose store but I still feel the Nokia’s low frequency is superb. As far as Battery backup is concern Nokia states 21 hours however, in real-life its 15-16 hours only.

I tested the Nokia Play 360 against the following devices Bluetooth devices: Nokia Lumia 800, iPad 2, Funbook Pro, Old Nokia Phone and Sa,sung Galaxy S2 and all devices played beautiful music

The Bluetooth range is approx. 10 meters without any walls. The Nokia Play 360 comes along with a wall mount charger, 3.5 mm male-2-male jack and a super sexy cover black cover.


All-in-all it’s a good portable audio speaker with nice sound quality which you can carry along anywhere you wish and play music in any room without worrying where the source is located physically.

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Best Regards,
Aresh Sarkari

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