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Swagger-UI and Postman Collection for VMware Unified Access Gateway

6 May

I aimed to perform a particular VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG) tasks programatically. After some guidance from Mark Benson he introduced me to the Swagger-UI that is available within the product.

To access the Swagger-UI on UAG open the following URL within the browser and enter your username and password.

Swagger-UI – UAG API Calls

One can do alot within the swagger-ui to make various GET, POST, PUT actions. However, my preferred tool is POSTMAN. I needed a way to figure out how to get all the swagger-ui converted to POSTMAN. Upon searching, I came across this method mentioned here.

To fetch all the swagger JSON output, go to this URL on the VMware UAG Appliance.


We have two options here. #Option1 – copy all the data from the webpage and paste it under Postman – Import – Paste Raw Text. You will have all the VMware UAG Access Gateway Rest API listed. #Option2 – Paste the above URL into Postman – Import – Import from link (This didn’t work for me maybe authentication was required)

Postman – Import

Please find attached the POSTMAN export for the VMware Unified Access Gateway Appliance 3.9.1. (Note I believe swagger-ui was availble post UAG 3.7 onwards).

Postman – API Calls UAG

I hope you will find this post useful to start using the Swagger-UI and Postman collections to begin working with UAG appliance. My request if you further create interesting scripts or perform cool activities with UAG appliance, I hope you can share it back with me?

Aresh Sarkari