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Consolidated Scripts – All configurational task via PowerShell for Windows 365 Cloud PC under Microsoft Intune Portal (MEM)

18 Jan

I have written various individual blog posts on PowerShell creation of all configurational task for Windows 365 Cloud PC under Microsoft Endpoint Portal (MEM).

Based on public demand, I want to create a consolidated post for all the scripts and configuration items that can get you started with Windows 365 Cloud PC using PowerShell: (Of course all the below features can also be configured using the UI, however below is the guidance strictly using PowerShell)

PowerShell links to my blog post

Following are the links to my blog post for each and individual task:

PowerShell – Create Windows 365 Cloud PC Provisioning Policy https://askaresh.com/2022/10/11/powershell-create-windows-365-cloud-pc-provisioning-policy/

PowerShell – Assign a AAD group to the Windows 365 Cloud PC Provisioning Policy

PowerShell – Unassign/Delete the Windows 365 Cloud PC Provisioning Policy

PowerShell – Create a custom Windows 11 Enterprise (22H2) + Microsoft 365 Apps golden image for Windows 365 Cloud PC using Marketplace Image

PowerShell – Create Azure Network Connection (ANC) for Windows 365 Cloud PC

PowerShell – Create and Assign Windows 365 Cloud PC – User Settings

PowerShell – Report – Get Cloud PC Windows 365 with low utilization

I promise you once you have done the hard work, you can get up and running in a few hours using all the above PowerShell scripts with Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Here is the repo with all the scripts and more – askaresh/avdwin365mem (github.com). A big thanks to Andrew Taylor for collabrating and updating the Provisioning policy script with the SSO details that was release in late Nov 2022.

I hope you will find this helpful information for all things PowerShell w.r.t Windows 365 Cloud PC. I will update the post if I publish or update more information.

Aresh Sarkari