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Remove built-in (default) Windows applications from the Windows 365 Cloud PC endpoints

8 Feb

Numerous scripts and vendor optimizers (VMware, Citrix and Microsoft) remove the default pre-installed Windows applications that come within the operating system, aka bloatware. You can get rid of all unnecessary applications using the Microsoft Store app (new) within Microsoft Intune.

I attended the Microsoft 365 Modern Management Meetup, and our very own Steven Hosking demonstrated the uninstall of default applications via Intune. I got inspired and thought about blogging and socializing this trick with everyone.

For my Windows 365 Cloud PC endpoint, I use the Azure image Gallery – Windows 11 22H2 + Cloud PC Optimized image, and for this example, we will uninstall Xbox pre-installed application.

Fetch the Application ID (MS Store)

In specific scenarios, when you try to search the application with the repository, it will not show, and the alternate method is to search via the ID.

Application Removal Steps (Intune Portal)

Here we will look at all the detailed steps involved in removing the applications from the operating system and Windows endpoints:

  • Under Application Information, click on Select App and in my case, I will enter the Application ID I copied in the previous step.
  • Make sure all the application details that it has fetched (auto-populated) look good, and select Next
  • The critical step on the Assignments as we are going to Uninstall it from the environment, we will select Un-install and specify the device group, in this case, Windows 365 Cloud (AAD – Dynamic Device Group)

It is adviced you also leverage Filtering for targeting specifc device types within the environment.

  • Last step review and Create the Uninstall of the default Application

Rinse & Repeat for other applications

Using the above method, you can add other applications of your choice. Note the effort is one-time, so put it in and reap the benefits for all future versions of Windows.

Advantages of using Intune for Default App Removal

Lets take a look at the advantages of using this method:

  • There is no need of using 3rd party scripts posted by unknown sources.
  • You will still have to use the vendor optimizers for other things but you can setup these once within the Intune Portal and it will works for the current and future version of Windows.
  • The Intune method is not very socialized on removing bloatware from the default operating system.

I hope you will find this helpful information for removal of default applications from the Intune Portal. Please let me know if I have missed any steps or details, and I will be happy to update the post.

Aresh Sarkari