ProTip – App Update – Microsoft Store apps to Microsoft Intune (new)

5 Dec

There is numerous guidance on the brand new feature of deploying Microsoft Store applications via Microsoft Intune. A critical aspect of Application Update may bite back if the GPOs from the legacy enivornment for Microsoft Store are setup.

App Update (MS Store Apps)

By default, all the applications that are deployed from the Microsoft Store are automatically kept up to date with the latest version of the app. There are no extra configurations or guidance required here.

In my scenario, I have deployed a few apps using the new feature that will auto-update itself throughout the application’s lifecycle as when Microsoft Store releases the updates.

The deal breaker for auto App Update

In specific environments previously, you might have configured group policies around Microsoft Store. In particular, we are looking at – Turn off Automatic Download and Install of updates policy. For this feature to work from Intune, this policy should not be enabled.

Please ensure you have this policy “Not Configured” or “Disabled” else you might be wondering why my UWP applications deployed from Microsoft Intune are not getting updated.

I hope you will find this quick valuable tip for the new MS Store Apps via Intune. Please let me know if I have missed any steps or details, and I will be happy to update the post.

Aresh Sarkari

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