Troubleshooting Horizon TrueSSO aka Horizon Enrollment Server like a Ninja!

10 Oct

If you have deployed Horizon TrueSSO feature within your environment. Then the most obvious question is how do you troubleshoot during issues? Let me give you some tips and tricks around troubleshooting TrueSSO aka Enrollment Server feature:

  • If you have two teams split one team managing the Active Directory/Certificate Services and other team managing Horizon infrastructure. Then following are the tips for the Horizon Admins. Install the Microsoft RSAT tools on your domain joined machine or Enrollment Servers and install the AD Certificate Services Tools. This will provide you the ability to see the following snap-ins in read-only mode:
    • Enterprise PKI – Allows you to check the CDP and CRL and Issuing CA Status
    • Certificate Templates – TrueSSO, Enrollment Agent (Computer) Templates etc.

  • Make sure to Enable the Trace logging on the Enrollment Servers and Horizon Agent (within master image) during troubleshooting. It will provide additional details on the error message
    • How to know whether the end-users logged in via TrueSSO – Interactive_SmartCard_Logon will be visible in the Horizon Agent (if Trace Log is enable)image
    • If TrueSSO is not used and SAML – CLEAR(Text)_PASSWORD is used you will receive the following in Horizon Agent logs (if trace is enable
  • If you have two Issuing CA’s for High Availability and redundancy then make sure you import the TrueSSO template by Clicking Certificate Templates > New > Certificate Template to Issue. Select “TrueSsoTemplate” from the “Enable Certificate Templates” dialog and press “OK.” on the other Issuing CA. If you skip this step it will complain in Horizon Administrator dashboard – The primary and secondary enrollment server is not connected to the certificate servers “XXXXXX
  • Read and learn to use the VMWare Fling es_diag.exe it will provide a lot of information from the Horizon Enrollment Server stand point and equip you to troubleshoot issues with Certificate Servers.
    • /ListConfigs
    • /ListEnvironment
    • /EnrollmentTest

My colleague Tarique Chowdhury has posted few troubleshooting steps in the following post under Section – Testing it will provide more details as to what to look in the logs.

Log Entries 1
Log Entries 2

I hope you find this post useful during the Horizon TrueSSO aka Enrollment Server troubleshooting.

Aresh Sarkari

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