Monitoring Horizon View Connection Server LDAP Replication

29 Feb

You wish to monitor the LDAP replication traffic between the Horizon View Connection servers (CS) in your environment, Simply run the following command against all the replicating CS individually. Note: Run the following command on a CS or make sure Windows Remoting enabled to execute from a remote machine.

repadmin /showrepl /errorsonly

if you got the above response means inbound/outbound replication is successful on this CS

Suppose you have 4 CS within your environment, you would like to monitor the replication across all of them. One could ‘Schedule a Task’ to check replication every 4 hours between the CS and send the report to concern monitoring team for further action. In my case, I am running this command from a remote machine which has SMTP enabled to send emails.

CON1 – CON4:

repadmin /showrepl /errorsonly

repadmin /showrepl /errorsonly
repadmin /showrepl /errorsonly
repadmin /showrepl /errorsonly

Type the following in a notepad and save it as batch file and save as ‘replication.cmd’

How to check Outbound Partners of Connection Server
In case you want to see the outbound replication partners of the CS you will have to run the following command on each server.(By default inbound is always visible)

repadmin /showrepl /repsto

How to check replication status with Cloud Pod Architecture enabled
The only difference when testing the replication of CS with CPA is the port number is different, you will have to run the following command

repadmin /showrepl

This was a quick way to monitor the LDAP replication between CS!


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