“DATASWIPE” Application idea for the smartphones

5 Feb

Last month I submitted an idea @ Nokia Your Wish is my Command Contest. Unfortunately my idea was not selected due to poor responses of likes on Facebook since the user was required to allow Nokia application to access his or hers Facebook profiles and my dear techie friends refrained from doing that and did not caste votes for me.

On the lighter side I thought let me post this idea to my personal blog and see if there are any enthusiast to build an application which could be a solid Hit in the enterprise and consumer markets.


There have been a lot of recent incidents in which group of data thieves spread across the country have been recovering data from old smartphones in which people think they have deleted all their data. But unfortunately these data robbers have been extracting people information and selling them to marketing\advertisement companies and adult websites with intimidating personal photos and videos.

In this modern era all smartphones have a lot of built-in storage of approx. 8-16-32 GB’s. The latest trend amongst the current generation is to change their smartphones every year. The 80% on the normal (technology challenged) end-user end up selling or exchanging phones by simply removing the SD card thinking they have all the personal data however, they forget that Smartphone has built-in 8-16-32 GB storage which might hold a lot of their other personal data. In the case of the remaining 20% extremely smart (technology champs) end-users they would perform a factory reset on the phone before selling or exchanging their phones in the market. The mindset is if you press the factory reset all the data is wiped and the phone behaves like new or out of the box.

With data privacy concerns this app will make sure the personal data is actually removed & irretrievable from the phone.

My App Idea: (AppName: DataSwipe)

My app would permanently wipe all data such as Files, Photos, Emails, Videos, Contacts, Music etc. from the phone flash storage/SD cards with a single click & even make it unrecoverable through any data recovery software. Ease of use & less complexity of the app will make it viable to consumers & enterprise markets.

Let me know, if you like this idea and point me to someone who would be interested in developing the same.

If you like this post please leave your comments down below.

Best Regards,
Aresh Sarkari

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  1. santhosh varghese February 8, 2013 at 2:24 am #

    sounds good, my only concern is that nobody cares when you want to leave.

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