Troubleshoot Active Directory Logon issue – By Anang Kumar

2 Dec
  • Note the error message (Sometime the error message is very specific )
  • Login to the machine using local admin account
  • Check the system Date and time / Time zone – Make sure they are similar to authenticating DC
  • Check DNS – Make Sure they are pointing to Right DNS (DNS which is alive and doing the name resolution)
  • Check DNS records with the help of NSLOOKUP
  • Ping the DC – IP, Netbios Name and FQDn
  • Ping the DC to DC with 1500 MTU
  • Run Netdiag and check DNS and Trust and Kerberos test
  • Make sure NIC card is enabled of “register me in DNS”
  • Check event viewer for any know errors like Userenv, Kerberos, netlogon
  • Enable netlogon log and do the further troubleshooting  

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Anang Kumar

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