XP as Domain Controller :)

27 Nov

This is very funny XP machine as a domain controller

1) Create a share called SYSVOL on an XP machine

2) Try to unshare the directory you shared as SYSVOL.

3) You will get a nice warning stating:

“This share is required for the machine to act properly as a domain controller. Removing it will cause a loss of functionality on all clients that this domain controller serves. Are you sure you wish to stop sharing SYSVOL?”


But do not worry – unsharing SYSVOL on XP will not break your AD. This is just an example of code reuse that Microsoft does.

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Useful Blog:
Guy Teverovsky: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/guyt/archive/2007/09/06/XP-as-Domain-Controller-_3F00_.aspx

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