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Windows 365 Cloud PC – Policy Conflict – Security Baseline VS RDP Device Restrictions

In my previous post, I showcased the RDP device restrictions available for the Windows 365 Cloud PC – Microsoft Intune – Configuration Profiles – Settings Catalog – Windows 365 Cloud PC RDP Device Restrictions. After enabling the general settings such as “Block drive redirection” with my Configuration Profiles Policy, I started observing a conflict.

Upon further digging, the conflict is caused because of the out-of-the-box Windows 365 Security Baseline. which includes a similar policy under Remote Desktop Services.

Go to the Device (CPC-aresh-eo0fg) of concern and navigate into the Device configuration. We can see there is a conflict between the previously created RDP Device Redirection (config profiles) and the out-of-the-box Windows 365 Security Baseline (Preview)

Fix forward

I kept the Windows 365 Security Baseline untouched, changed the Configurations Profiles, edited the policy, and removed the duplicate setting on “Block drive redirection”. This resolved the conflict situation

I hope you will find this helpful information for troubleshooting a conflict of policies VS baselines. Please let me know if I have missed any steps or details, and I will be happy to update the post.


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