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Mindmap – Part 1 – Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure (HCoA) – Quick start guide

This will be a two part blog series on VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure (HCoA). My aim is to get you started off the ground on HCoA, and I have a fair understanding of Azure due to my past certifications on AZ-140 and AZ-104(prep). I high recommend acquiring the Azure skills to make your life easier.

In part one, we shall take a look into the following topics:

The idea here is that the mindmap acts as an excellent visual representation of what to do during the end-2-end cycle of the project. It also helps during customer discussions and allows everyone to be on the same page. You can figure out in advance the pre-requisites, deployment, and requirements for the initial setup.

HCoA – Part 1

Disclaimer – This guide is a get you started guide, and the production settings, configuration and usecases might be different. Please make sure you change the settings appropriate for production workloads. Here is the PDF version if you would like to download and zoom in (Don’t stress your eyes!) –

The useful links to get you quickly started on Horizon Cloud on Azure:

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Architecture (Techzone)Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure Architecture | VMware
Evaluation Guide for VMware Horizon Cloud Service on Microsoft Azure (Techzone)
Horizon Cloud on Azure Evaluation YouTube playlist – Awesome stuff by Caroline Arakelian(14) VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure: Deploying a Cloud Manager–Based Pod – YouTube
Our local Oz hero – Shane Fowler – 0 to hero on HCoAFrom Zero to Hero: A Step by Step Guide How To Deploy Horizon Cloud Service on Azure – YouTube
Horizon Cloud on Azure Cost CalculatorPathfinder (

I hope you will find this helpful information on your HCoA journey. Please let me know if I have missed any steps in the mindmap or reference links, and I will be happy to update the post.

Aresh Sarkari

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