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Upgrade VMware Identity Manager 3.3 to VMware Workspace ONE Access 20.01

I had the opportunity to work on an upgrade from VMware Identity Manager 3.3 (VIDM) to the new name VMware Workspace ONE Access 20.01 (WoA), and I would like to share the entire experience with you. There is guidance available on the VMware documentation and a few blogs. The idea here is not to provide you with a step by step guide instead, provide guidance on best practice, insights on active/passive site, change timings, an end-2-end mind map of activities/steps involved etc., on carrying out a successful upgrade.

Environment Overview
Let take a look at the environment details to provide an high-level overview:
Active Site

Passive Site

The offline upgrade method was selected as the choice due to convenience and ease of setup/configuration without exposing the appliance on the internet using proxy. During both, version upgrades the offline package was kept in the /tmp directory, which deletes the files post the reboot.

Downtime Window (Choice)

We had an option of performing the entire upgrade of the above components in a single day change, or we could split the upgrade into two days as we had to go from version 3.3 –> 19.03 –> 20.01.

Initially, we tried the single downtime change window of 16 hours and had hiccups which I plan to write a separate blog post. We split the change into two days. Day 1 – Upgrade from VIDM 3.3 to 19.03 and Day 2 – Upgrade from VIDM 19.03 to WoA 20.01 on two consecutive days giving us the ability for partial rollback instead of starting from scratch again.

High-Level Upgrade Architecture Overview

Disable the IDM – Manager node one at a time under the NSX load balancer and carry out the upgrade of the manager nodes one by one. After all, the manager nodes are upgraded to the desired version then move to the connector nodes one by one. In our scenario this had to repeated during the 19.03 to 20.01 Access node upgrade.

Observations from the upgrade

End to end mind map of the entire Upgrade

I have included a pdf version of the mind map to read the details with zoom on.

Offline Upgrade VIDM to WoA – Mind Map

I hope you will find this helpful information to plan and succeed in a VMware Workspace ONE Access upgrade. A big thanks to Jishan T S, my teammate, for his continuous contributions to making this a big success and trying all the steps in the development setup multiple times.

Aresh Sarkari

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