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NSX Load Balancing for VMware Unified Access Gateway – Part1

This blog post will be a two part series showing you step by step on how to load balance VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG) using the VMware NSX. There are quite a few options such as F5, KEMP etc. available to do the load balancing of the UAG appliance but in this post we shall deep dive into NSX Load balancing. The objective in a production deployment is to load balance multiple UAG appliances deployed in the DMZ.

Load Balancing of multiple VMware UAG Appliances

There are plenty of guidance available on how to create the NSX Edge to do the load balancing. I am not going to cover those steps in this blog. Instead I will fast forward to the Load Balancing configurations required to do Unified Access Gateway.

Pre-Installation Checklist

This list should include everything that needs to be available BEFORE we start to install the UAG Load Balancer.

Step-by-Step guide (Part1 – We shall cover Global Configuration, Application Profiles and Service Monitoring)

1. Configure the Load Balancing – Global Configuration

2. Configure the Load Balancer – Application Profiles

3. Configure the Load Balancer – Service Monitoring

Remaining configuration around the “Pools” and “Virtual Servers” to be continued in the NSX Load Balancing for VMware Unified Access Gateway – Part2

I hope you find these steps useful and don’t have to invent the wheel when it comes to NSX LB for VMware UAG.


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