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Installing Horizon View Connection Server 6.2.2 (Replica Server)

In this blog post I will be capturing the steps involved in the installation of Replica Connection Servers. The post is mainly for people who want to have a glance at the installation steps for Horizon 6 View Connection Server (64 bit) 6.2.2 – Build Number: 3508079

View experts please skip this post, if you are already familiar with the steps.

Installation of the Replica Horizon 6 Connection Server

Step 1: Right click on the Connection Server package and select ‘Run as Administrator’

Step 2: Click on ‘Next’. The version number show’s as ‘6.2.2’

Step 3: Click on ‘I accept the terms in the license agreement’ and select ‘Next’

Step 4: Leave the installation in the default directory and select ‘Next

Step 5: This is the Replica (Second) Connection Server of the environment select ‘Horizon 6 Replica Server’ and ‘Install HTML Access’. ‘IPv4’ is selected by default and click on ‘Next’

Step 6: Enter the FQDN of the primary Connection Server ‘’

Step 7: Click ‘Configure Windows Firewall automatically’ and select ‘Next’

Step 8: Click on ‘Install’ to begin installing Connection Server

Step 9: Watch the Progress

Step 10: Uncheck ‘Show the readme files’ and click on ‘Finish’

Step 11: On your desktop there will be an Icon ‘Horizon 6 Administrator’

Step 12: Enter the ‘Username’ and ‘Password’

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