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My learning’s from Citrix Executive Briefing @ Bangalore, India

Recently, I attended a Citrix Executive Briefing at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore on 12th April 2012 and learnt a couple of new things over and above our normal XenApp & XenDesktop which I would like to share as follows:

XenApp Mobility Pack: This piece of software when installed on the XenApp server enhances the desktop or icons which are easy to touch and maneuver within the Windows 7 desktop. Like the traditional Windows Icons and menus it can really get difficult to click/touch on your tablet like devices that are 7” or 10” inches. See the below mentioned screenshot for the before and after experience.

Before: (Screenshot of a Shared Desktop)

After1: (With Mobility Pack)

After2: (With Mobility Pack)


This mobility pack works in general for the Windows 7 OS and Office, Adobe applications etc. out of the box. It would be advisable to check, if it works on custom applications or/else developers would require to use the XenApp Mobility Pack SDK to further customize their applications.


This company was recently bought by Citrix. It provides cloud based storage solution on all platform like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. During the demo they showcased the capabilities like once you are logged into your VDI based desktop using the Citrix Receiver, whenever you create a file it can be directly saved onto your cloud storage drive. You can also retrieve the files from the internet (follow-me-data) that you had previously stored. It’s more like a mapped drive sitting in the cloud with all the necessary security measures.

This cloud storage integration with Citrix Receiver can help customers to follow-their-data wherever they go. It can be used as an additional storage on the go.

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Best Regards,
Aresh Sarkari

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